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    Anyone of any age can be affected by dull skin. This term is used to describe a complexion that has lost its usual radiant glow, often looking flat or ashen in appearance with a dry and uneven texture. A combination of factors can be the reason your skin looks dull, which are mainly down to lifestyle, environment and the efficiency of your daily skincare routine.

    The build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin is usually the main reason for a dull looking appearance. Your skin will naturally shed old and unwanted cells everyday, making way for new and healthy ones.

  • However, as we get older this process often needs a little helping hand in removing them, so they do not accumulate together on the surface. Ensuring we maintain a daily routine, that includes cleansing and exfoliating the skin, helps with the upkeep of an efficient renewal process.

    This allows for light to reflect off the skin and project its youthful shine. Maintaining the skin’s hydration, by drinking plenty of water everyday also helps with replenishing the skin, as well as ensuring the skin upholds greater levels of moisture. A complexion that is starved of moisture becomes dry, which contributes to a look that is also dull.

    Pollution, stress, lack of sleep and poor lifestyle choices are other factors to take into account in the development of dull skin, and are other reasons why the right skincare regime is a must.

    Dr. Madhuri’s Clinics advocates the need for a suitable skincare routine and their skincare professionals can recommend the right products for you to use. Supporting this routine with a compatible in-clinic treatment that suits your individual needs can ensure your complexion stays radiant and bright.