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  • Pigmentation

    There are two main types of pigmentation – (hyper)pigmentation, which appears as darker areas of skin and (hypo)pigmentation which appears as lighter areas of skin.

    Hyperpigmentation is primarily caused by an overproduction of melanin, which is the pigment that is responsible for giving the skin its colour. When exposed to excess amounts of sunlight, the production of melanin can increase and create patches of skin that are uneven and darker in tone.

  • This is why hyperpigmentation is often noticed on the face, hands, arms and shoulders. However, there is some evidence that hyperpigmentation can also be related to hormonal changes particularly during pregnancy, which may be why hyperpigmentation more often occurs in women than men.

    Hypopigmentation is usually caused by some disruption to the surface of the skin, as a result of injury or trauma such as burns, scalds and scars.

    Depending on whether you are experiencing hyper or hypo pigmentation, as well as the underlying cause of your condition, the course of treatment will differ. During your consultation, our experts will discuss with you any changes that may have occurred and impacted your skin tone, and will be able to recommend an appropriate treatment for you.

    At Dr Madhuri‘s Clinic, we have a range of treatments that can help improve the tone and texture of the skin to give your skin a more even looking tone so that you can be confident that your skin is looking as beautiful as it can.