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Medi-Facial Treatment

  • Medi-Facial
    DOWNTIME Minimal
    LONGEVITY Long-term results
    EXPECTED RESULTS Improved skin texture and tone
    TREATMENT TIME 30 minutes

    Targeting a whole range of skin concerns, including: sun damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, acne and cellulite, the Hydra facial is a state-of-the-art skin resurfacing treatment. It can be tailored to suit your personal requirements and is designed to use specific techniques to enable exfoliation, extraction and the infusion of enriching serums.

  • Medi-Facial

    Suitable for use on the face and body, the AQUAPURE facial’s 3-in1 technology is precisely timed throughout this treatment to give you the ultimate result. The treatment begins by cleansing the skin and removing any make-up, surface dirt and debris. This is followed by passing a closed-loop device over the face whereby a mini vacuum exfoliates the top layer; clearing away dead cells and deeper debris, while simultaneously infusing your bespoke serum into the dermis. This technique allows for the serum to penetrate the skin more efficiently in order to reach your goals.

    Dr. Madhuri and her team dedicate a high level of commitment to each and every client, tending to their every need. She believes that everyone has an innate beauty that can be highlighted with her support and technique; feeling that as an aesthetician she has a duty to apply her skill and expertise to making people look and feel their very best.

    At Dr. Madhuri ‘s clinic we can use four different serum combinations, including: vitamin C (to infuse the skin with antioxidants), the ultra-hydrating serum (for dull / dry skin), the pore clarifying serum (for congested skin) and the skin brightening serum (specially designed for the Aqupure facial and used to reduce pigmentation).

    As a customisable treatment, the Aqupure facial can be suitable for use on many skin types. A variety of concerns can be addressed, including: dull / dry skin, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, acne and blocked pores. A treatment plan will be put together based on the results of through consultation. We will assess your concerns and consider your expected outcome before recommending a course that reaches your realistic go The techniques used within the Aqua facial are safe and effective methods for resurfacing the skin. All treatments at Dr. Madhuri s are medically approved and are performed by skilled and trained professionals.

    Immediately following the treatment you may find that your skin can look a little red. Facial redness is a temporary side effect that has often subsided within 24 hours of treatment. Any other complications will be discussed at the consultation.

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