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Mummy Makeover Treatment

Bringing new life into the world is an incredible experience, and one that brings a lot of joy. The woman’s body is extraordinary and it’s amazing how it functions and adapts to enable this wonderful event. As the size and shape of the body changes, it can often show the effects of stretched skin and excess weight; especially after the baby has been born. Not all women find that their body returns to its former appearance following childbirth, and this is where Dr. MADHURI'S protocol mummy make-over can make a difference.

The mummy make-over is a collection of bespoke treatments that can help to restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy bodily appearance. Depending on your individual concerns, a bespoke plan of treatments can help to rediscover your natural shape and renew your confidence. Your personalised plan can produce unique results, and may include:

  • Mummy Makeover

    Microneedling RF – delivering High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to the hips, thighs and stomach can help to firm and tighten the skin. Thermal energy can work to melt fat, as well as stimulating the collagen fibres for fuller, healthier skin.

    Skin tightening – a treatment that is great for body contouring and targeting stubborn areas of fat, this procedure uses radiofrequency energy to heat the dermis and encourage collagen production. Suitable for use on the arms, thighs, back and stomach can help to reshape and tone the body.

    Profhilo – remodelling the internal structure of the dermis and boosting its hydration can benefit lax skin by creating a softer, smoother and firmer appearance. Suitable for use on the face and body, profhilo can help to improve the look of the arms, hands and neck.

Mummy Makeover

Mummy Makeover
  • IV drips – our most popular drips include ‘immune booster’, ‘mood support’ and ‘detox fat burning’. Administered via a cannula in the arm these drips are fast acting and can help to boost your overall well-being.

    The protocol is completely dependent on each individual case, and a series of treatment sessions are often required to achieve the desired outcome.

    The mummy make-over may be suitable for women who are unhappy with the look of their post-baby body. Your concerns will be assessed at a consultation that will recommend the right series of treatments for you.

    During your consultation we will ask you a series of questions that explores your medical history, general health condition and details of any allergies. This will enable the experts at Dr. Madhuri Pawar to assess the safety of each procedure they intend to use.

  • Who Can Benefit From Treatment?

    RF microneedle treatment is safe for all ages, genders, skin types, and tones, and can be performed on almost any area of the body with wrinkles, discoloration, or acne scarring. The ideal candidate for treatment is young, in relatively good health, and has early signs of aging.

    While the procedure is generally considered very safe, there are some risk factors that make it inadvisable for some. People who suffer from skin infections, have a moderate to severe skin disease, or have an active breakout of cold sores should avoid the treatment. Additionally, those who are pregnant, taking anticoagulants, receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy, have a history of keloids, hypertrophic scarring, or poor wound healing should also refrain.

  • What to Do Before & After Treatment

    Prior to treatments, you should avoid using alcohol, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, and products containing salicylic acid—which can result in bruising.

    Following treatment, minimal downtime is required, and you can expect only minor side effects, including a degree of discomfort, redness, or irritation. These should be mild and shouldn’t persist for more than 24 hours.

    Typically, patients can resume their normal activities within a day, but if side effects are more serious or last longer than 24 hours, contact your doctor

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