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Belly Fat Treatment

  • What causes belly fat?

    As we reach our mid-40s – 50s, our fat distribution alters and results in a pear-shaped appearance. Fat accumulates high on the stomach, making a flat tummy seem like a distant thing of the past.

    Belly fat is a problem for both men and women, and can be very hard to shift. For women suffering from mummy tummy, due to the muscles tearing during pregnancy, losing that stubborn fat from your tummy can seem impossible.

  • How to lose belly fat?

    When trying to lose belly fat, it pays to follow a healthy eating plan to help reduce the build up of subcutaneous fat stores in this area. Avoiding sugary and calorific foods, and staying in a calorific deficit is a great way to reduce fat stores in your abdominal area.

    Results are maximised when you combine a diet plan with aerobic and anaerobic belly fat exercises and belly fat workouts, as these help to contract the muscles around your abdomen while burning calories in the process. However, even if you follow a rigorous diet and exercise regime, stubborn areas of belly fat may be difficult to reduce. This is where our tummy fat removal body sculpting treatments can help.

  • Treating Belly Fat Non-Surgically

    Although some people resort to liposuction as a surgical procedure to reduce their belly fat, this can result in bruising and swelling. However, there is a non-invasive, non-surgical stomach fat removal treatment that can help remove belly fat permanently.

    We have various sized hifu applicators that have been specifically designed to treat many areas including the abdomen.

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