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Hips Concerns Treatment


    Love handles, or a muffin top, are fat accumulations at the sides and the back of your stomach area. Reduce the appearance of these accumulated fat stores with our leading non-invasive treatments, from hifu and radiofrequency.

  • What are Love Handles?

    Love handles (flanks) are areas of skin and fat that protrude outwards from the hips. Love handles are usually a sign of the accumulation of excess fat across the hips and abdominal area.

    What causes Love Handles?

    These unwanted fat bulges can be caused by a poor diet, lack of exercise, too much alcohol, hormones, genetics and age. While love handles exercises are popular to remove love handle fat for men, crunches and cardio may not be enough as these pockets of subcutaneous fat are often hard to isolate and shift using such techniques.

    Sculpt, reshape and redefine your love handles with our leading non-surgical treatments.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment
  • How to get rid of Love Handles

    Getting rid of love handles is often a manual and long-winded process that requires intense aerobic and anaerobic workouts, along with eating a calorie-controlled healthy diet. Some of the best exercises for love handles are those that concentrate on contracting muscles around the abdomen and hips, to both strengthen muscle tone in this area and minimise the accumulation of fat stores. Hip lifts, bicycle crunches and side planks are all great strength-based exercises that work the core to achieve these goals.

    However, if you combine these habits with body sculpting programmes that work to contract muscles in a clinically-proven way, you can fast-track the reduction of fat across your love handles. The following aesthetic treatments have been proven to help with this body contouring and love handle minimisation process. We can minimise the appearance of fat across love handles using a range of non-surgical lipolysis and skin-tightening procedures that sculpt and recontour the skin in this area.

  • Skin Tightening for Love Handles

    We also offer skin tightening procedures that help to shape and sculpt love handles in addition to our body contouring treatments. Use of ultrasound and radiofrequency treatments respectively to tighten and strengthen skin in the treatment area. They can help to maximise the visible gains of fat freezing treatments by tightening up loose or sagging skin around a person’s muffin top. This can help to minimise the appearance of love handles while sculpting the flanks in a tighter and more defined way.

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