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Deep Nose-to-Mouth Lines Condition

  • Deep Nose-to-Mouth Lines

    Nose-to-mouth (‘nasolabial’) lines as the lines located on either side of the mouth. These folds which are made of dense bundles of fibrous tissue are often described as ‘brackets’ due to their semi-circular shape. They tend to become more prominent with age as the skin becomes thinner and saggy and they can make the face appear more tired and older.

    Nasolabial Crease

    The crease lies medial to the nasolabial fat compartment (nasolabial fold) that is bounded laterally by the medial compartment of the malar fat. The onset and depth of the crease represent an interplay of deep midfacial fat volume depletion and apparent compartment addition that is symbolic of many of the aging changes that occur in the face. It has been described as a manifestation of pseudoptosis.


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