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Dermal Fillers Treatment

  • How do fillers work?

    Our collagen stocks diminish as we age, and this is why wrinkles, folds and creases begin to emerge. In general, dermal fillers work to plump up the skin to effectively reduce the visibility of wrinkles and reshape facial contours.

    They work by replenishing the levels of hyaluronic acid in the dermis layer of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance which is found naturally in the dermis of the skin.

    It has incredible water retention properties and therefore can add volume to the skin in a very safe and effective way which mimics how the hyaluronic acid found naturally within the skin works.

  • Who are fillers for?

    While dermal fillers are most commonly used to plump up and reshape women’s lips, they have many uses in cosmetic surgery. Men and women frequently turn to dermal fillers to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and other signs of ageing, and even younger patients may seek out out the treatment for stress lines and acne scars.

  • How much will fillers cost?

    The price of dermal fillers varies, as different kinds of fillers are used for different purposes. See our Price List for the latest information.

    Many injectable fillers actually include a local anaesthetic to make treatment comfortable and pain-free. All our treatments are made as comfortable as possible according to the treatment and the individual’s personal requirements. Ice is used as a topical anaesthetic. If necessary, a dental block anaesthetic may also be used. Pain killers are also available on request.

    Every medical procedure has risks, no matter how small. However, dermal fillers are very safe; any side-effects that become manifest are likely to cause minimal discomfort. These may include swelling, redness, pain, bruising, tenderness and itching. It should only take a couple of days for any initial slight swelling or redness to pass and many patients have no noticeable issues at all.

    In very rare cases, patients may develop lumps or nodules. In such cases, the dermal filler procedure can be reversed with hyaluronidase treatment which breaks down the filler within the skin. Other serious, and again rare, complications occur when the filler is accidentally injected into a vein or artery, which can lead to tissue necrosis. This can largely be prevented by careful and knowledgeable injection techniques. Where it does occur, treatment with hyaluronidase can reverse the effect of the dermal fillers.

    Serious complications are very rare, but it is important to choose a good dermal filler practitioner, who understands the use of dermal fillers, indications, contraindications, and ways to prevent and avoid potential complications.

    Dermal fillers are an extraordinarily versatile treatment for men and women of all ages and ethnicities.

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