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Eye Cell Peel Treatment

  • Rejuvenating Treatment for Delicate Eye Skin

    Skin peels use a chemical agent to exfoliate the skin, stripping away the outer dead skin cells and debris in order to reveal fresher skin and stimulate production of new skin cells and collagen.

    The process is most commonly used for refreshing the face, but at Clinicbe®, Dr Madhuri Pawar has developed an eye peel system specifically tailored to the needs of the delicate eye area.

    The 5-step peel works over a couple of months in five separate sessions. Results are progressive and each session can build on the previous with the exfoliant left on the skin for slightly longer to penetrate to deeper effect.

    The first three sessions are a week apart and the last two sessions are two weeks apart. The timing of treatments is carefully planned to allow time for the skin to heal and adapt to the stronger solutions as treatment progresses.

  • Eye Peel Benefits

    The delicate eye skin is thin and prone to show the signs of ageing. The 5-step eye peel has a number of benefits:

    • Each peel reveals new, younger, fresher skin behind underneath
    • After peel and Dermapen, serums/creams can penetrate deeply and quickly into the skin for maximum benefit
    • Improvement in fine lines and wrinkles
    • Reduction in visible crow’s feet and laughter lines
    • Lightening of any areas of pigmentation, darkness or sun damage; including age spots, freckles, blemishes and dark spots
    • Promotes skin cell renewal for results that are natural and continue to improve in the weeks following treatment
    • Rejuvenates tired-looking skin
    • Improves dry skin, making it better hydrated and ‘glowing’ with health
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