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Fue Hair Condition

  • Hair Loss

    Follicular Unit Excision Of the two main hair transplant techniques, Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) is the least surgically invasive. Strong, healthy hair is removed from a donor zone (usually the back of the head, where hair growth is normally unaffected by hair loss). The hairs are removed from the donor zone in small natural groupings or follicular units of between one and four hairs. These units are approximately 0.75 – 1mm wide, and are carefully removed using a surgical tool called a micropunch.

    The follicles are checked and cleaned under magnification. This is critical to ensure the future success of the follicle. The follicular units are then stored in a special holding solution, while the surgeon creates the recipient sites in the areas of hair loss. The whole process is usually completed in eight hours, although more extensive transplants may require two sessions.

    Hair falls out of transplanted follicles after around 30 days, with natural regrowth occurring from 3 months. Full regrowth is expected after 12-18 months.

FUE Hair

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