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Hair Thining Condition

  • Hair Thining

    Dr Madhuri’s My Aesthetic clinic offers a range of non-surgical solutions for hair loss, which work to promote natural retention of hair and better scalp health.

    Thinning of the hair, and hair-loss is a common occurrence for both men, and women.

    It can be quite distressing and patients often suffer with a loss of confidence and self-consciousness. The good news is that hair loss is no longer something you just have to ‘put up with’. Nor does it mean having expensive and invasive surgery. If the issue is addressed early enough, there are steps that can be taken to firstly, prevent what may be causing the hair loss and secondly, stimulate the growth of new hair.

    Our approach is to use tried and tested non-surgical methods to promote healthy scalp and hair.

    Detailed Diagnosis, Assessment & Consultation

    We use advanced cellular testing to reveal any underlying deficiencies or issues which may be contributing to the loss of hair. Understanding the nature of hair loss is key to finding the right solution.

Hair Thining

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