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Fut Hair Transplants Treatment

  • When would we recommend an FUT Transplant?

    If a greater amount of hair is required to produce the desired results, FUT may be the preferred option, particularly if the patient’s hair quality is similar in both the donor and the recipient areas. If a patient has no intentions of wearing their hair short in future. Though FUT is more likely to result in some minor visible scarring of the donor area, skilful suture techniques can allow for hair growth through the suture line, so it’s often possible to reduce visible scarring almost completely. Taking follicles from one small area can provide a greater range of options for future transplants, compared with FUE donor sites which cover a much larger area of the scalp.

FUT Hair Transplants

  • FUT Hair Transplant Procedure

    The donor zone will be measured and shaved, only within the area of the strip. Local anaesthetic and sedative is are administered reducing any stress or anxiety you may have. The surgeon will perform the FUT hair removal from the donor followed by suturing the area. The hair follicles are then divided into groups of 1-4 hairs, trimmed, cleaned and stored in a holding solution. The surgeon will then create the custom-made recipient sites, also known as slits within the areas of hair loss, to be treated. The technician team, alongside the surgeon, will finish off the procedure, placing the hair units into the recipient sites.

    FUT only removes hair from a small isolated area, resulting in an easily hidden linear scar, even with short hairstyles. Our closure techniques allow your hair to grow through the suture line, camouflaging the scar further.

    Following your FUT hair transplant surgery, you will receive a post-op treatment, medications and a full after-care plan to ensure your hair transplant journey is seamless.

FUT Hair Transplant Surgery FAQS

  • What is FUT?
    FUT is an established hair transplant technique. FUT efficiently removes the maximum number of hair follicles in one session. The follicular unit are separated from the into natural groups. Consisting of 1-4 hairs per group. Refined surgical techniques allow hair growth through the suture line. As a result, camouflaging the line and allowing for shorter hairstyles.
  • How long does an FUE hair transplant take?
    An FUT hair transplant typically takes around eight hours to perform. The time depends on the number of grafts required. FUT is a single day procedure.
  • Is there any scarring from FUT hair transplants?
    Dr. Madhuri Pawar - My Aesthetics is committed to advancing the practice of FUT transplants. The Hair doctor surgeons have a refined surgical background in reconstructive surgery. Refined closure techniques allow hair growth through the linear scar. As a result the line is harder to see and allows for even shorter hair style.
  • Is the FUT hair transplant painful?
    FUT hair transplant should not be a painful procedure. Some minor discomfort while the local anaesthesia is administered. Thereafter there should be no feeling of discomfort during your procedure.
  • Will the results of an FUT hair transplant be natural?
    A natural FUT result relies on a number of factors. The quality, standards and experience of your FUT doctor and the technical team. The understanding of facial bone structure and hairline design. The correct use of hair angles and hair distribution.
  • How much does an FUT hair transplant Cost?
    The cost of a FUE hair transplant is personal. It depends on a number of factors. For example, the size of the area to treat, the number of grafts required. An FUE hair transplant with the Dr. Madhuri Pawar - My Aesthetics includes post-operative medications. Including regular check-ups. As a result, every case is judged on individual merits before providing a cost estimate. A full assessment will provide a personalised quote for your hair restoration.
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