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Hair Loss in Women Treatment

  • Causes of Women Hair Loss

    While dilutions are less noticeable in women than men, they affect women more psychologically. Genetic factors, including stress, age, various illnesses, seasonal shifts and hormonal changes such as pregnancy, menopause, and childbirth can result in a male-type hair loss in women. Some problems may be corrected by pharmacotherapy for the elimination of the cause, but the hair transplant surgery for women is the most definitive solution.

    Hair transplantation surgery, which is common only to men, can also be successfully performed in women. The procedure is carried out in male patients with the usual course of hair growth. However, hair transplantation is painful because the beak of female-type hair loss is evenly dispersed on the surface of the hair. And as it’s difficult, it should be applied in a very cautious way and performed according to the type of hair loss and the results obtained so far are all successful.

Hair Transplant for Women

  • Am I a good candidate for Woman Hair Transplant?

    The reasons for hair loss should be determined before deciding on hair transplantation. If all the treatments are applied, and the problem cannot be solved, and hair loss starts to affect the external appearance negatively, the hair transplant specialist should be consulted. The hair transplant specialist makes the donor zone determination according to the preliminary examination and decides whether you are suitable for hair transplantation or not. For women with healthy donor zones and hair follicles, hair transplantation can be done in a healthy way.

    If one of the following problems is present in women hair transplantation can be done.

    • If you have hair loss that is not caused by hormonal changes.
    • If you have hair loss caused by previous surgeries or cosmetic medications.
    • Hair loss in men similar to hair loss seen in women.
    • Hair loss due to wounds or burns.

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