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Arms Concerns Condition

  • Arms Concerns

    The appearance of the arms can change as we progress through adulthood. Conditions such as: crepey skin, sagging skin and pockets of excess fat can develop, often on the upper arms, for a number of reasons. These concerns can be noticeable to others when wearing certain clothing, which can lead to the affected person developing feelings of self-consciousness.

    Changes to the tone and texture of the skin affects almost everyone to some degree as we experience the effects of ageing. This process often sees collagen and elastin levels decline and the skin’s natural hydration reduced. As a result, loose skin and lines and wrinkles can appear, often developing on the arms with a crepey texture. The skin on the upper part of the arm can often start to hang as it becomes weakened and loose. The natural fatty tissue that lives in this area of the body can then settle itself into this pocket. When the arms are raised, this concern – known as ‘bingo wings’ – can become apparent, which can also wobble as the arms move. Some people find that when they get older their arms are not as lean as they used to be, often developing excess fat that is hard to get rid of; contributing to the appearance of bingo wings.

    Dr. Madhuri’s clinic offers various solutions at her clinics to help keep your arms looking firm, toned and youthful. Whether it is to improve elasticity, smooth the texture of the skin or to remove excess fatty tissue, a full and thorough consultation will recommend the right solution. A series of procedures can often help to produce optimal results for an outcome that can last for the longer term.

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Arms Concerns

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