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Neck Concerns Condition

  • Neck Concerns

    The skin weakens through the loss of collagen and elastin from the middle layers, as the ageing process continues to progress. Lower levels of these vital building blocks, coupled with less oils in the skin, are the main cause of creases forming in the skin. As the skin loses strength it also loses support from its underlying structure, from which sagging skin will arise.

    The degree to which loose skin appears around the neck, can vary from person to person and in some cases can form the look of a turkey neck. A less supportive structure can also lead to natural fatty deposits falling into pockets of sagging skin, contributing to skin hanging from the neck. Smoking, sun exposure, poor diet, alcohol and overlooking regular skin care can lead to these concerns developing prematurely.

    Dr. Madhuri sand her team have a wide range of innovative procedures available at any one of their clinics which can smooth and tighten the skin around the neck area, as well as helping to remove any extra deposits of fatty tissue. This can create a more youthful and rejuvenated look to the lower face.

Neck Concerns

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