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Hands Concerns Condition

  • Hands Concerns

    The hands can be one of the first places, after the face, where the signs of ageing become noticeable. A variety of concerns can affect the look and texture of the hands, which can be a direct result of the intrinsic alterations of the skin’s biological structure. Just like the face, the hands are constantly exposed to changing weather conditions, including: heat, cold, wind and UV rays. The hands are used for many different activities throughout the day, along with the numerous occasions where we need to wash the hands and / or use various products.

    The skin on the hands loses collagen and elastin from its structure in the same way that the face and body does. This will lead to a loss in volume and thinning skin on the hands, which can accentuate the appearance of the veins and give the hands the bony look that is associated with age. The skin on the hands is more vulnerable to drying out, developing a rough texture that has a crepey effect.

Hands Concerns
  • Dryness can become accelerated if it is not given attention, causing itching, a scaly appearance and in more extreme cases, split skin and / or bleeding. UV rays from the sun accelerate volume loss from the hands as it helps in the breakdown of collagen, but can also damage the cells which leads to sun spots or age spots developing on the surface.

    It is important to ensure that the hands receive just as much attention as the face when it comes to undertaking a regular skincare routine. A daily moisturiser helps to prevent dry skin and a suitable SPF will protect from the effects of the sun. Dr. Madhuri’s range of in-clinic treatments can work effectively alongside your skincare regimen, enhancing the results for smooth, youthful and rejuvenated looking hands.


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