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Knees Concerns Condition

An accumulation of fat around the knees can often cause this area to look more rounded and out of shape, compared to the rest of the leg. This excess build-up of fatty tissue is commonly referred to as a knee fat pad, which is located either on the knee-cap (patella), or on the inside of the knee. This concern can develop for a variety of reasons, often seen as a person gets older. The knees can also display wrinkling skin with older adults that appears loose.

  • Knees Concerns

    Weight gain is usually the most likely cause of excess fat around the knee. A result of not burning off the amount of calories that are consumed, a build-up of extra fatty tissue for some people, can be resolved by adjusting their diet and stepping up their activity levels. In some cases, changes in hormone levels within the body (such as at times during pregnancy or the menopause) can affect the way in which fat distributes itself around the body. Areas such as the knees and thighs contain more insulin receptors, which can also attract more fat and contribute to its build-up. As the appearance of the knees changes, whether it’s down to excess fat or loose and wrinkly skin, it can lead to feelings of embarrassment. A person who is not confident about the appearance of their knees may feel that they no longer want to wear clothing that exposes this area.

    A visit to one of Dr. Madhuri’s clinics can introduce you to a range of treatments aimed at reducing areas of fatty tissue and re-contouring various areas of the face and body. This is a particular area of speciality at Dr. Madhuri Pawar - My Aesthetics where a simple procedure can help you to keep your legs looking young and shapely, and the skin firm and tight.

Knees Concerns

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