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Hips Concerns Condition

Excess fat that lies on the hips can appear as a pinchable bulge and is more commonly referred to as ‘love handles’. This pocket of extra fatty tissue can affect the smooth contouring of this part of the body and usually develops on each side. The shape and size of the body is determined by a person’s genes, which can often extend to the way in which a person carries body fat as they progress into adulthood.

  • Hips Concerns

    Although excess fat can affect both men and women, it is likely that more men than women will be affected by excess fat around the hips, with women finding that stubborn fat tends to accumulate in this area. This is often down to the different way in which fat distributes itself in males and females.

    The development of love handles is primarily a result of weight gain, when more calories are consumed than are burnt off. Factors, including: age, hormone changes, lack of exercise and consuming too much fats and sugar can exacerbate the development of excess fat around the hips, which in some cases becomes stubborn and is difficult to shift. Some medical conditions that affect the normal functioning of the metabolism, such as an under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism) can make burning off extra calories more difficult, especially when you are trying to reduce stubborn areas of fat.

    Our clinics have a range of solutions to help re-contour your body and reduce pinchable pockets of fat. This is an area of particular expertise at Dr. Madhuri Pawar - My Aesthetics, where one of Dr. Madhuri specialists can conduct a thorough consultation and put together a treatment plan that identifies and addresses your needs.

Hips Concerns

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