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Stubborn Fat Condition

Maintaining the ideal shape and weight of the body is something which many people take steps to achieve. Through eating a balanced diet and taking regular exercise it is likely that the body will remain both in good condition, and well contoured. In some cases, a person finds that despite these efforts, the body holds on to isolated areas of excess body fat. This can be frustrating when you can’t quite reach your body goals and the body does not possess the streamlined profile that is desired.

  • Stubborn Fat

    Excess body fat can affect many areas, including: under the chin, upper arms, back, stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs, and knees. In many cases the body will gain weight when more calories are consumed than the body burns off through both normal functioning and exercise. This can usually be rectified by making adjustments to our diet and activity levels, however as we get older this can become more difficult.

    The general size and weight of your body is largely determined by your genes. As we progress through life, factors including: ageing, hormonal changes, stress, lack of sleep and developing certain medical conditions can influence any changes in our body shape (including gaining weight) and how effective our body is at maintaining the ideal form.

    Dr. Madhuri Pawar’s clinics, have the latest technologies that can help you to contour your body and provide you with a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. These treatments are designed to reduce or remove small pockets of isolated fat and are not intended as a solution for losing significant amounts of weight. A series of procedures are often required and with the upkeep of a healthy lifestyle, can produce long-term results.

Stubborn Fat

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