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Love Handles Condition

Love handles, or a muffin top, are fat accumulations at the sides and the back of your stomach area. Reduce the appearance of these accumulated fat stores with our leading non-invasive treatments, fromMicroneedling RF MULTI PLATFORM.

  • What are Love Handles?

    Love handles (flanks) are areas of skin and fat that protrude outwards from the hips. Love handles are usually a sign of the accumulation of excess fat across the hips and abdominal area.

  • What causes Love Handles?

    These unwanted fat bulges can be caused by a poor diet, lack of exercise, too much alcohol, hormones, genetics and age. While love handles exercises are popular to remove love handle fat for men, crunches and cardio may not be enough as these pockets of subcutaneous fat are often hard to isolate and shift using such techniques.

    Sculpt, reshape and redefine your love handles with our leading non-surgical treatments.

Love Handles

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