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Decolletage Concerns Condition

  • Decolletage Concerns

    Derived from the French word ‘décolleter’ – meaning ‘to expose the neck’, décolletage refers to the neck and chest area. Just as the skin on the face and body ages, so does the skin in this region which displays lines and wrinkles, crepey skin, sun damage and age spots (also known as liver spots and sun spots). Although these concerns develop on other parts of the face and body, they will often form with a different texture and look.

    It is becoming more widely understood that a daily skin care routine also needs to include the application of products to the neck and chest. For many people this area has been forgotten about, even though it is also affected by sun exposure and ageing. The internal structure of the skin changes in the same way as it does with the face through the ageing process, as collagen, elastin and hydration levels decrease. As the chest area is larger than on the face and is thinner in nature, wrinkles will appear longer and fairly close together for a crepey look. The décolletage can often receive a lot of exposure to the sun which affects the natural pigmentation of the skin, creating dark spots as the cells become damaged. Factors including: smoking, poor diet and alcohol can cause the skin to age prematurely, with the chance of wrinkles on the chest increasing with those who sleep on their side.

    Ensuring the skin on the décolletage looks smooth and evenly toned can help to play a part in maintaining a youthful and fresh appearance. Dr. Madhuri’s clinics, at Dr. Madhuri Pawar - My Aesthetics, have a range of treatments that can improve the complexion on the neck and chest, increasing its firmness and replenishing its internal structure.

Decolletage Concerns

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